"Zhou Li, Tian Guan, Ji Yi": "five flavors, five grains and five herbs are used to nourish the disease."
"Five Herbs, grass, wood, insect, stone and grain."
In the Southern Dynasty, Liang Chenyue's poem "the poem of Zhongshan should be taught by the king of Xiyang": "when you visit the five herbs, you stop at Sanzhi."
Tang Dugu and "sacrificing Li Zhongcheng to Li Shilang in the Ministry of officials": "officials have no more than eight lives, but they are not more than sixty years old. Are five herbs well bred and nine Zang's immorality, and so on?"
Grass: grass hopper, oak fruit. One day, xiangdouzi. From the dawn. A general term for herbs.
Mu: Maoye. Born on the ground. A trip to the East. From the middle to the bottom. All kinds of wood belong to wood. It's a general term for trees.
Worm: There * s enough to call it worm. From three worms. All insects are subordinate to insects. It is an arthropod of invertebrates in the animal kingdom.
Stone: mountain stone. Under the factory; in shape. Every stone belongs to stone. A collection of minerals.
Gu: continued. The total name of the valley. From the sound of grain. It is a general term for cereal crops.
Tooth health happiness Gamma Tooth powder, inheriting the ancient system, adopts the compound prescription of "grass, wood and stone Valley" herbs (Qiang Huo, cohosh, Hanshui stone, cuttlebone, Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta, green salt, plum tablet, etc.) in the Five Herbs ¹, and follows the ancient processing, which has the synergistic effect of traditional herbs and physics.
Scope of application:
Refreshing taste, cleaning mouth, whitening teeth, reducing tooth stains, reducing soft dirt, reducing dental plaque, refreshing breath, maintaining the health of teeth and periodontal tissues (including gums), and maintaining oral health.
Adaptive population:
1. Oral care population of all ages.
2. People who pay attention to teeth and oral health.
usage method:
Before getting up early, before going to bed and after eating, dip the toothbrush in the water and dry it gently. Then dip the toothbrush in 0.2g-0.5g. Brush for 3-5 minutes according to the correct brushing method. Rinse your mouth with water.
Note: This product can not be used as a substitute for drugs, and those who are sensitive to this product should use it with caution.
1. It is recommended to use the tooth care and healthy tooth type before getting up in the morning and going to bed
2. Use fresh and white teeth type in the morning or after meals, and use nourishing and healthy teeth type before going to bed

Note: five flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty; five grains: rice, millet, millet, wheat and Shu; Five Herbs: grass, wood, insect, stone and grain.
Note: Zheng Xuandong was a Confucian scholar and a master of classics at the end of Han Dynasty.
Note 3: part of the text and the properties of traditional Chinese medicine are quoted from ancient books and all have their origins, which does not mean that they have any efficacy expression for this product.