There are three mysteries in traditional Chinese medicine formulation. How to mix one formulation, the dosage of each drug and the processing method of the drug all determine the effect of the drug.
Compatibility: in a prescription, there are main drugs and auxiliary drugs, different monarchs and subjects, different effects.
Dosage: if the dosage of fresh medicine is more than that of dry medicine, the dosage of compound medicine is less than that of single medicine.
Processing: for raw and processed products of traditional Chinese medicine and different processing methods, the content of effective ingredients also changes, and the dosage should also be different.
The formula of "fangya San" and "divinatory mother's formula" contains multiple flavors, which can solve oral problems easily. According to the original book, you can brush your teeth at sunrise and sunrise (morning and evening) every day. In less than seven days, you will be cured and have a good diet. This prescription has a good effect on white mouth fire sore, chancroid sweet, chancroid swelling and pain, gingival xuanlu and rotten, teeth shaking and falling, blood and gas stinking. And years of use, teeth white powerful, solid teeth not sparse.
Here's a brief introduction to some of the medicines in the formula of "fangya San" and "divinatory mother's formula"
Zhao Rongfu's manuscript
Qiang Qiang
It is also known as Qiang Qing, the messenger of protecting Qiang, the messenger of Hu king, Qiang slip, the messenger of calming the wind, and black medicine. It is the rhizome and root of notopterygium Notopterygii or notopterygium latifolia, with stem mark on the top. It has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and effect.
Rhizoma cohosh
It is also known as horse urine pole and fire tube pole. It is the rhizome of Ranunculaceae. It has antipyretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Used for wind heat headache, toothache, sore mouth, sore throat.
Cold hydrotalcite
It is also known as red gypsum and calcite. It is the crystal of sulfate mineral mirabilite. It has the functions of clearing away heat and reducing fire, benefiting orifices and detumescence. It is used for fever, thirst, sore throat, sore tongue and toothache.
It's also called squid bone and cuttlefish bone. This is the dry inner shell of Sepia acerifolia or sepia aurea. It can promote the repair of bone defect. It can be used for astringent hemostasis, astringent essence tourniquet and traumatic bleeding.
Privet fruit
It's also known as Popeye and holly. It is the dry and mature fruit of Ligustrum lucidum. It has the functions of Tonifying the liver and kidney, clearing the deficiency of heat and clearing the eyes. It can improve dizziness, aching waist and knees, spermatorrhea, tinnitus, early white hair, hot bone steaming and dim eyes.
It's also known as Eclipta, water lily, lotus seed, Wedelia, and cuttlefish. This product is the dry aboveground part of ophiocephalus Argus. It has hemostasis and antibacterial effect. It can nourish liver and kidney, cool blood and stop bleeding. It is used for loose teeth, early white hair, dizziness and tinnitus, sore waist and knees, yin deficiency and blood fever, hematemesis, hematemesis, urination, blood dysentery, metrorrhagia and bleeding, trauma and bleeding.
Aquamarine salt
It is also known as green salt, stone salt and Rong salt. The source is a crystalline rock salt. It has the function of cooling blood and brightening eyes. External treatment of red swelling pain, toothache.
Plum slice
It is also called AI powder, orange slice and borneol. It is the crystallization of fresh leaves of Blumea in Compositae by steam distillation and cooling. It can awaken the mind, clear away heat and relieve pain. For red eyes, sore mouth, sore throat.

Note ¹: the properties and functions of the above medicinal materials are extracted from the literature of Materia Medica, Pharmacopoeia of China, and national collection of Chinese herbal medicines.